Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Maybe I'll answer it here.

1. What is an 'original'?

An original piece of art is the real deal, one of a kind painting made with acrylic paint on canvas or on board. It is made by me, in my studio, with brushes, knives, and all sorts of other tools, stencils, and mark makers. Sometimes I also use paper, modelling paste, and pastels in my work. It will be gallery depth (1.5" or 38mm) with the edges painted to match the painting, except for small pieces on canvas board or paper. It will be wired on the back and ready to hang. My signature and stamp will be on the back to ensure authenticity, as well as the name of the piece. For pieces over $200 I provide a Certificate of Authenticity that states the name of the piece, it's size, medium, and worth in Canadian dollars. The certificate is for insurance purposes, or resale. It is meant to stay with the painting when it is sold or passed on to family, and is a place to document who bought it. 

The canvases and birch board panels that I paint on are all manufactured in Canada, and are of the highest quality. 

I own the copyrights for all my paintings. When you buy an original, it is yours, but you aren't allowed to have reproductions made. It may not be sold in a retail store without my consent. Gallery and store owners please contact me for inquiries regarding representation, wholesale orders, or licensing.


2. What is a 'print'?

A print is a reproduction of a painting. I take the original piece to a very talented guy who scans the piece and supplies me with a very big high resolution file. I then have that file printed with archival inks on to nice, smooth artist paper. I sign and stamp the back so you know it came from me, and roll it up in a mailing tube to send out. You will most likely want to have a print framed. The prints have a recommended Ikea frame in their description. You can also buy frames at Michaels (only go when they're 50% off, it happens often) or any local frame shop. You can buy a frame and then have a frame shop make a custom mat for you. It's much cheaper than having the entire frame custom made. If you are near the Woodstock area, I recommend Artsyte for framing. Mary-Anne is super to work with, she has tons of options, and is very reasonable. The number there is (519) 539-7496. 


3. Shipping

Shipping is only set up for Canada, USA, and Europe right now. I am working on worldwide shipping but I just haven't gotten to it yet, sorry, I'm a busy lady! However, I will GLADLY send you a piece wherever you are in the world. Just email me at with your address and the name of the piece you are interested in and I will provide you with a quote. Even if you're just curious, please feel free to ask.

Shipping fees are set up for the purchase of one original painting. If you are purchasing more than one (yay for you!) and the shipping fee seems too high, please let me know and I'll confirm an exact price for you.


4. Galleries

I am represented by two galleries, they are super people to work with, and have lots of impressive art. I encourage you to go visit if you are in the area.  Galleries can be intimidating but these two are great, with really nice people, and no pressure.

Koyman Galleries
1771 St. Laurent Blvd. Ottawa ,ON Canada
(613) 526-1562

Crescent Hill Gallery
2575 Dundas Street West  Mississauga, ON Canada
(905) 820-2233


5. Licensing

My work is available for licensing. Please email for more information.