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Here's how the process works:

STEP 1: Select an original (or multiple) that you enjoy, as a reference for colours, shapes, and design that you would like to inspire your custom piece. (See recent Originals here, and the archives of work I've done here.) 

STEP 2: Email a request here with the subject "Commission" - along with estimated size, colours, and your favourite paintings of Julie's for reference. 

STEP 3: Upon receiving your request, Julie will contact you to set up a time to discuss your ideas, as well as hers, to make sure you love the final product! All pricing, delivery, etc. will be discussed here as well. An estimate will be provided and a deposit will be required before the creativity begins! 

STEP 4: Next, the fun part begins! Your ideas will become reality and Julie will begin painting! If requested, you may receive updated progress pictures - or you can wait it out and choose to only see the final product. 




Painting selected by client as reference and the final commission (2017).