What to do in Waterloo?

November 12, 2013

Hey that rhymes...I'm a poet! Today I took a brand new commissioned piece to the Paula White Diamond Gallery in Waterloo, Ontario. It is located in the lovely little Bauer Marketplace beside the loft tower by the same name (which I had a hand in designing oddly enough!) There is so much great stuff in the area that I thought I'd share my favourites...first there is Vincenzo's -a wonderful, unique market with gourmet ingredients, fancy kitchen gadgets and utensils, fresh pasta and sauces, sweet treats and delicacies. You can also stop in for lunch or grab dinner to take home (hide the bags and everyone will think you're quite the chef!) Then there is Thrive - the best vegan food shop I have found in the area, and well, anywhere! They make the most amazing black bean veggie burger (my hubby introduced me to it finally after bragging about how good it is.) They also have superfood smoothies and juices made with fresh organic produce - the sangria smoothie is my favourite, actually I haven't tried any of the other ones because I'm afraid they won't be as good! And of course there is the gallery itself - a gorgeous space with friendly staff. They offer a collection of really cool artists (and myself, haha.)  I am super honoured to be on the same walls as Elizabeth Lennie, Meredith Bingham, Sherry Czekus, Susan Gale, and of course Paula W.D. herself. So if you're walking down King Street, have a peek in the window. Or better yet stop in to see all the art inside. Here is my 'You Were Right Here' piece on the upper right corner: They are busy setting up for the annual square foot show which opens Thursday Nov. 14th at 5:30pm. All pieces are 12"x12" and $200. I've heard it's quite the scramble to get the piece you want so get there early, but if you can't make it Thursday they will be re-stocking the shelves with more pieces and continuing the sale Friday and Saturday.

When I was a kid I used to ask my mother what to do, and she would say 'shit in a shoe and send it off to waterloo.' I'm still not really sure what she meant by that (and no I never actually took her up on that advice) but doesn't shopping in Waterloo sound like more fun?! xoxo, julie

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