Warm Me Up Baby

October 10, 2014

Hey there! I am thrilled to announce a new collaboration I've been working on with the lovely folks over at Camouflage Heater. Based in Montreal, Camouflage Heater makes radiant heaters with a glass panel on the front. They will be offering a designer line of the heaters with my images printed on the backside of the glass. So, you could have a glass print of one of my paintings hanging on your wall providing beauty (tooting my own horn a bit here) and warmth at the same time!

Here's some technical info from their website:

"THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE, AVAILABLE TODAY Infrared waves have been in use in the healthcare field for a long time, in such areas as medical imaging or physiotherapy, for example. Camouflage heating safely uses intelligent infrared technology in a thermal application designed for residential or commercial use.
The pure warmth of Camouflage heating can be felt within minutes. Much like a sunbeam, Camouflage provides cozy, well-tempered heat—warming the body while leaving the ambient temperature slightly cooler, for a fresh, clear feeling of vitality. Infrared heat is felt more intensely, resulting in a deeper sense of well-being. CLEAN, QUIET, AND SAFE Just as the look of a Camouflage heater can blend in with any décor, so does its operation. No noise, no dust, no moving air—another form of camouflage! The clean, quiet, and dust-free operation creates a hygienic indoor environment that makes Camouflage heating an ideal choice for those suffering from allergies or asthma.
The Camouflage heating system uses an ESG safety glass element in a sturdy enamelled steel housing—making it extremely hard-wearing, and washable, as well as acid, impact, and splash resistant. What’s more, its surface temperature remains safe to the touch!" Sounds pretty nice right? Here's a look at the images we've decided to offer.

They also kindly invited me to help them exhibit at West Edge Design Fair in Santa Monica, California next week so after twisting my arm (not at all) I agreed to spend the week in the city of angels. I am so excited to see the panels on display for some of the biggest designers in the industry to drool over. It should be fun! Thank you to Manon and Philippe for this awesome opportunity!! If you're looking to add some colour and warmth to your space, let me know...

Have a great weekend, and happy Thanksgiving if you're in Canada!


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