Tap, Tap, Tap

February 16, 2014

TAP (The Artist Project) is coming up this week! Eek this is about the time I start to freak out... do I have enough pieces? Will anyone like them? Will my husband remember to pick up the girls when I'm gone? But it's also about that time that it's too late to do much about any of these fears anyways so I might as well stop worrying and enjoy! It's always great to get new work out there, see what people think, meet new customers, reunite with old customers, and meet new artists...I love that part - us professional artists are far a few between so it's great to be in a room with a few hundred for the weekend. A few interesting details about this year's show: 1. Set Sail - this is the theme of the art competition this year. I will be entering my piece 'Come Sail Away' (you should be humming the Styx song right about now.) Visitors can vote for their favourite entry and automatically be entered into a draw for a free 7-night Celebrity Caribbean cruise...wouldn't that be nice?! If you win, feel free to take me along! [caption id="attachment_1241" align="aligncenter" width="598"] 'Come Sail Away' 48"x48"[/caption]   2. Kid Space - Kids can create their own mini masterpieces in this kid-friendly zone. Open to children of all ages, kids can paint, draw, and even create life-sized sculptures with unique felt building blocks. 3. Art Outing Tours - Why not take a guided tour around the show with wine and cheese provided? What better way to experience the show? More info here.
4. Uber -  Need a ride? Uber will be offering new users their first ride free, up to $30, to or from The Artist Project!  Sign up online using the code ArtistProject14  https://www.uber.com/go/ArtistProject14/ With the free app on your phone you can request a pickup, choose the type of car, and see how long it will be until they arrive.
5. Opening night - Thursday 7-11pm. With a theme of “SET SAIL”, this event is a nod to the retro-nautical look of the 1940s. Get an airbrush tattoo by Black Line Studios — Listen to the beats of DJ Vinny Grüvhunter and DJ J-Lah — Check out fashion art installation: MeU! A portion of this night’s ticket sales will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society support services on behalf of Why We Ink. Why We Ink is dedicated to celebrate those with memorial and survival tattoos for cancer. A special exhibition of photographs will be exhibited at The Artist Project. More info here.
You can find me at booth #334. I have lots of new work ranging in size from 6"x6" to 36"x72". Come say hello :)
[caption id="attachment_1241" align="aligncenter" width="996"] 'Come Sail Away' 48"x48"[/caption]

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