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November 12, 2014

Hey there... I was approached a while back by the nice folks at Nuvango to partner up with them to license my artwork on their products including art prints, cell phone skins and cases, iPad skins, etc. They've been around for a long time under the name Gelaskins, selling primarily skins and cases, but are branching out more now under the name Nuvango. The BEST part is that they are Canadian!! All the products are made in Toronto and shipped from there. I will continue to have some stuff available on Society 6 for a while...however, Canadians be warned, some people have been stuck with customs fees. It seems to be a bit of a crap shoot as to whether you will be charged the fees or not. For those in the US, no worries, and they have free shipping once in a while which is always great.

Iphone Cases


Samsung Cases


And this is my favourite...the packaging that the cell phone cases come in doubles as a little pouch to keep your phone cute! If you tend to drop your phone (like I do) or your kids like to throw it around (like mine do) maybe keep it in's like a little sleeping bag for your phone!


Ipad Skins


I have added some graphic black and white designs like 'Painted Circles' and 'Imperfect Stripes'. I could design these phone cases all day long... I don't know, they're like candy to me...I just can't get enough!

Just FYI - a case is a hard plastic unit that protects your phone. A skin is basically like a sticker that goes on the device, makes it look pretty, but doesn't really protect it. Some people prefer just a skin because they keep their phone in a wallet or their pocket and need to keep it slim.



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