Good Karma Inspiration

October 29, 2014

Hello! A few weeks ago I was fuelling up on coffee at the Tim Horton's drive thru. I was getting coffee for a few people that day so my order was just over $7...and the person in front of me paid for it! I was really shocked...7 bucks is a lot to anonymously give to the person behind you! I've had people pay for one coffee before and then I paid it forward by footing the bill for the person behind me..but not for $7! However, in my shock that morning, I just drove off bewildered by the kindness of the person driving the white mini-van. So... I am the jerk who stopped the good karma train that day! The ironic part of the story is that I was feeling particularly bitter that day, as I was on my way to meet with our lawyer regarding a law suit we've filed for being ripped off...big time. I was all tied up in knots, stewing about being screwed over, thinking for sure that all people are selfish and cruel. Thanks to the generous mini-van driver, my faith in humanity was restored, and the bounce was returned to my step. THANK YOU! So, to pay it forward, I am having a GOOD KARMA SALE... all originals in my shop will be 30% off for 7 days...Get it? You pay 70% of the retail price for 7 days...I'm going for a theme here. Use the code KARMA30 at checkout. Thank you for those who support my art career, my friends and family and super supportive husband who I wouldn't have this career without, and to the generous soul in the white mini-van who doesn't know they made my day. xoxo, Julie 'be kind to one another' -Ellen Degeneres  

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