All Things Sia

November 09, 2015

I am really into Sia right now. I've had the '1000 Forms of Fear' album on replay for days. I also love seeing the get ups she wears to hide her face. This is her on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Controversial Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump hosts and Sia performs as musical guest.    She says that she hides her face because she doesn't want to be recognizable. Imagine that - a celebrity who doesn't want to be hunted by the paparazzi... I wouldn't want to live like that either...although the pay check would be nice! Give a listen to her performance of Bird Set Free on SNL. I'm sure there will be more artworks coming up named after her songs. So far, I have a piece called 'Elastic Heart' pictured below. A 'Chandelier' piece is in the works... Julie-Hawkins-Elastic-Heart-web She has also written a long list of songs you probably know, for Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and Jessie J. Who knew? I've (almost) come to terms with not being a rock star in this lifetime, but I'm so thankful for talented musicians like Sia doing it for me. xoxo, Julie

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